​​​​​Twin Oaks Farm offers riding instruction in both Western and Huntseat disciplines all based on a firm foundation of Dressage principles and Natural Horsemanship.  We have students from the young/older beginners to those advanced riders interested in showing.  We try hard to tailor lessons to each students goals and expectations.


Those paying a monthly fee at the beginning of the month will receive a discount of $5 per lesson and receive priority scheduling. In addition those months that for instance have 5 Mondays will receive the 5th lesson free! Riders will have the opportunity to makeup any missed lessons by rescheduling within 30 days.

Private:             1 hr./$220/mo.      45 min./$180/mo.    30 min./$120/mo.

Group               1 hr./140/mo.

If you want to pay weekly and be included on the next weeks schedule 

pre-payment of 1 lesson is required.  Notice by 9:00 AM the day of scheduled lesson gives you the option to reschedule later in the week or cancel until the following week.  If you want to take your chances you  may call to see if there is availability. 

ANYONE NOT GIVING NOTICE BY 9:00 AM  THE DAY OF THEIR SCHEDULED LESSON WILL BE REQUIRED TO MAKE FULL PAYMENT BEFORE THEIR NEXT RIDE.  If circumstances cause cancellation outside of that time riders may reschedule.

 I  expect notification on changing all lesson times by calling or texting

(502) 432-2623.  Sometimes technology fails.  IF I DON'T RESPOND ASSUME I DIDN'T GET IT...PLEASE TRY AGAIN !

  Private:           $60/hr.                $45/45 min.                     $35/30 min.

 Group               $40/ea             2-4 riders

Occasionally there could be an extra rider in a group if someone needs to make up a lesson. 

Group riders need to have the ability to get their horses ready with little assistance.  Parent/sibling/friend’s help is always appreciated and encouraged for our younger students.

Please arrive 15 min. prior to lesson to get horse ready.

Be sure to check with instructor BEFORE getting a horse out.

If there are any times that I myself have to cancel a lesson and riders are not able to make it up there will also be a credit given. 

Parents, family and or friends are always welcome to watch during lessons.  They are also encouraged if they would like, to help younger students get their horse ready especially in group lessons.  However during actual riding time I would ask them to observe only and not offer advice to their young person.  Yes I know your child may be making some mistakes and that you only want to help them improve but it is difficult for children to pay attention to too many things at once.  During lessons we try to focus on 2-3 things that I feel are the most important at the moment so that they learn to do those things well.  If ever you have any concerns please feel free to discuss them with me before or after a lesson and of course you can always call or email.

I also want to be sure everyone knows that while I don’t push it as I know it can get expensive, the opportunity to attend horse shows is available.    Fees include coaching/haul fee + class fees.  For some shows there is a grounds or stall fee.   Most of these shows are pretty laid back and we have a lot of fun.  We also will try to have at least one or two shows a year here at the barn and those would eliminate any haul fee. 

I also have a few horses available for lease for those interested in more riding opportunities.  Be sure to let me know if you are interested.

I understand that certain circumstances including inclement weather could cause an exception to this policy.

Any concerns or questions please let me know!


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