For at least the first few weeks we are going to be a more cautious. Anyone that doesn't feel they can abide by our guidelines should excuse themselves until conditions change.  

I feel it goes without saying if you don't feel well STAY HOME!

  • Only those riding should come into the barn.  Parents, drivers, etc. may wait in their cars or sit outside when weather permits. Social distancing is a must!
  • Enter by the door at the picnic table and exit at the gate by the feed room.
  • There will be a hand washing station outside at the picnic table. Please use it!
  • Have a mask available.  You don't have to wear one when riding unless you want to but when passing others in the barn please do your part to make sure we all stay healthy.  Watch traffic in tack room and mounting blocks and wait your turn.
  • You may arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • Horses will be groomed and tacked up in their stalls.
  • Grooming tools will need to be dipped in disinfectant water provided and left on the picnic table to dry.
  • Wipe the bridle (especially the reins) and the saddle you use down with a leather wipe provided before returning to the tack room.
  • To reduce traffic you need to leave after your lesson.  For the time being I'm afraid no hanging out!

I hope in the weeks to come we can relax these restrictions.

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