Twin Oaks Farm

Horse Stable and Riding Instruction in Jeffersontown, Kentucky

Many riders have a desire to ride more than once a week but are not quite ready to make the commitment of owning a horse.  Twin Oaks Lease Program is for you!   We have put a lot of time and effort into the training of our horses so leasing is to approved riders only.  Students must ride with us long enough that we are comfortable with them coming out and riding unsupervised and can maintain the horse's level of training.  Many riders take multiple weekly lessons with time to practice afterwards to make that happen.  Leases are $250/mo. which includes a weekly lesson with an additional practice ride, or $350/mo. that gives riders a lesson with 2 additional rides.  Leases include the use of equipment and don't always have to be just one particular horse.  I firmly believe that more horses someone feels comfortable riding the better rider they become.  See "Horses" for available horses.

Lease Program